Prime Water Defense Prewash®

AQUIS Prime Water Defense PreWash® is the essential first step to fortify hair against damage caused by washing, drying, and styling. Clinically proven to reduce hair swelling by 46%, this lightweight formula makes hair hydrophobic prior to getting wet and maintains hair’s natural pH, leaving hair frizz-free, strong, and easy to style. Washing your hair daily during this crisis is recommended and in doing so, protect your hair’s strength and health with this essential first step. 

  • Preps hair before water exposure and protects hair from excess water absorption that leads to damage, fortifying hair from the inside out 

  • Prevents frizz, tangling, breakage and color fade

  • Clinically proven to reduce hair swelling by 46% so hair is smoother, stronger, easier to style

  • Restores pH balance

  • For best results, let set on hair for 2+ minutes before washing. To minimize water exposure, shampoo hair at the end of your shower. Some users have experienced immediate results. Most users see results within 2 weeks.