The New Normal

As we settle into our new “hair-care norm”, we’re finding that we can actually do more with a little less. Fewer products + less heat + less fuss = healthier hair. That alone, may have us falling in love with our hair all over again. We’ve seen those DIY hairstyles on Instagram (Ariana Grande, anyone!? Those curls!). And we’ve seen you ditching your styling products, and giving your hair a breather. We’re doing the same and it feels GOOD. We’ve even heard that you may want to consider washing your hair more if you are an essential employee or health care worker out there on the front lines. And if you are, we salute you. There are 3 essential steps for taking the best care of your hair and your health during this time.

Step #1 Apply AQUIS Prime Water Defense PreWash before showering to help hair cuticles lay flat and prevent water absorption into the cortex.

Step #2 Wait until the end of your shower to wash hair, keeping hair up and away from water, until you are ready to shampoo.

Step #3 Use an AQUIS Original hair towel or turban to quickly and gently wick water from hair and bring hair from wet to damp 50% faster and in the most efficient and healthiest way possible.

Share the love and healthy hair with your family and friends. Gift one to a health care worker, an ambulance driver, or your grocery clerk. And then step outside for a moment and howl and clap along with your community in honor of all those on the front lines!

Shop now for PreWash and your favorite Towel or Turban. Enter coupon code COMMUNITY at check-out to receive 25% off your purchase for an extended period of time. We’re here for you, your hair and our community.

Be safe and well,