7 Ways to Upgrade Your Braid Game

7 Ways to Upgrade Your Braid Game

When I was little, braided pigtails were my go-to hairstyle — easy, simple and out of the way. But that was kid stuff compared to the intricate plaits we’ve seen on runways and in style blogs over the past few years. 

Inspired by this new braid era, we threw a braiding party with stylist Rubi Jones (whom New York magazine dubbed “the braid whisperer”) and Hairstory (an invitation-only salon) in the midst of New York Fashion Week. Attendees got to take a break, sip some bubbly and try out a new style (after some quality drying time with our Aquis towels, of course). 

Let these lovely ladies be your inspiration. Here are seven ways to take your braid game to a whole new level. (Note: for step-by-step tutorials, see Rubi’s book, The Art of Hair).


Fishtail-Studded Chignon

Juliette’s striking, silvery-blonde color was the talk of the afternoon. The fishtail braid Rubi wove into a classic low chignon matched her Catherine Deneuve-with-a-twist look to a tee.

Triple Dutch Braids

Who saids braids have to be sweet? Gena got three chunky dutch braids for the price of one. We can’t get enough of the half-romantic, half-badass vibe. 

Ethereal Half-Up Braid


Clare walked in with a blowout and left with goddess waves, thanks to Rubi’s touch and her own natural texture. Casual rope braids wound around her crown made her look like summer incarnate (despite the freezing winter temps).

A Cap of Cornrows

Remy was born in Australia, grew up in California, and is now a die-hard New Yorker. Not surprisingly, she’s got the creativity, confidence and razor-sharp wit required to pull this head-turning style off.

Bohemian Braided Bangs

After drying Bethel’s hair in an Aquis towel and diffusing it to pump up the volume, Rubi created this chic everyday style. Don’t miss our post with the full how-to guide.

Crown Dutch Braid

The secret to a crown braid that really stands out: weaving strands under one another (rather than over), so you get a Dutch braid (rather than a French). Alexis’s braid kept her hair off her face, accentuated her eyes, and looked even softer and more romantic after she slept on it for a night.

“Undone” Updo

It takes a lot to get photographers out from behind the lens, but this mermaid-style mash-up of a half-up braid/chignon with fishtail braid accents did the trick for our lovely shutterbug, Stephania. (She’s planning her upcoming wedding, and on-the-hunt for updo inspiration). 


Photography: Stephania Stanley

Styling: Rubi Jones

Studio: Hairstory

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