Wait, Why the Hell Do I Need a Hair Towel?

Well, what if someone told you that shampoos, serums and conditioners make zero difference to the long­term health of your hair? And that the secret to strong strands isn’t another product — it’s how you dry it?

Confused? Let us explain.

Your hair is full of keratin, and keratin likes water — a lot.

Whenever you wash your hair, that keratin soaks up as much water as it can and begins to swell. If the keratin is allowed to be waterlogged for too long, its bonds become weakened and the inner layer of your hair can break (kind of like a rubber band getting stretched from both sides). The result: frizz and split ends.

When your hair is wet for too long, its outer seal — the cuticle — can also be damaged. The cuticle is composed of small cells that work like tiles on a roof. And when that plumped­up keratin swells from within, the gaps between the tiles grow, allowing harmful chemicals and minerals to seep inside (kind of like a garden hose that’s clogged at one end). The result: more damage, which can never be repaired.

Of course, when you understand how vulnerable wet hair is, the last thing you want to do is rub it with a coarse cotton towel or blast it continuously with a hair dryer. By adding friction and intense heat, you’re attacking the cuticle from the outside — a real double whammy! — and further threatening the integrity of your hair.

The good news: Your hair can shrink back to its normal, healthy form — if it’s dried quickly enough.

How? Some loving kindness and one very special towel. Aquis turbans and hair towels are designed to dry hair faster, protect it and prevent damage. They’re woven from an ultra­fine fabric specifically designed to wick away water gently and super fast, a bit like a system of canals and waterways. Your hair will dry naturally between 20­45 minutes faster, letting you reduce or eliminate blow­drying altogether.

With long­term use, you’ll stop the cycle of damage, restore your hair health and fall head over heels in love with your strong, beautiful hair.

We hope you’ll join our natural hair drying movement!

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